StudentFest is the largest cultural project of OSUT , having a history of 22 editions . It is the oldest festival of arts and culture for students from Romania that manages to combine unified several areas: architecture , arts , concerts, fashion design , dance, Experimentarium , film, photography, literature , music, electronics , advertising, street art , theater . (

IT FEST is a project that focuses on IT aimed at creating an environment where young people can express themselves through what methods of future trends . The events of the project are usually carried out in several sections: design contest , fair for technology discussions on IT , LAN PARTY , etc. (

UVT Democracy is elections for representative students . Based on the fact that students have the right ( guaranteed by law) to 25% of all university governing bodies , OSUT assumes a duty to hold democratic elections for representative students. Elections are held in each academic year in the beginning of November.

UVT Prom  is the best opportunity for all students to get to know each other and for freshmen to get accustomed to college. Prom takes place at the beginning of each academic year in October.(

West Summer University is the ”new ” project organized by OSUT , this year was the 3rd edition. Its main business is simulation of  teaching , learning for graduates of class XI . The project aims to help disoriented students in choosing the right faculty for themselves in the future. ( )

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