StudentFest represents an alternative to formal education that our system proposes for 20 years. StudentFest Romania offers youth a chance to express themselves freely in the space in which they live. The chance to learn , communicate and interact with people who have reached milestones in the arts .

Being a student festival , everything that is happening here is something innovative done by students for students only . The fact that for 22 years StudentFest managed to attract an audience increasingly larger means that young people need such an event.

This year StudentFest was in the 22nd edition, with focus paradox was held from April 11 to 20 . For more information visit .

Started in 1992 , StudentFest defends the younger generation and inciting rebellion against the formal education system .

StudentFest instigates creativity StudentFest instigate the cultivation of the spirit.

StudentFest wants to inspire young people to create change something to improve the situation of art and culture in Romania .

StudentFest aims to strengthen the characters personalities and valuable art .

Together we want to support young artists who are looking for quality events and activities that provide the opportunity to learn and express themselves.

Although the venue is StudentFest Timisoara, over 70% of participants come from right outside the city . The most important centers of origin for participants StudentFest are Bucharest, Cluj , Timisoara and Iasi . However, every year there were foreign participants on average about 10-15 % . They mostly from European countries such as Germany, Spain, France , Turkey , Moldova, Serbia and Hungary but also from nearly 50 countries , including most European countries but also countries like USA , India , Nigeria , Peru , Mexico and Australia.

History StudentFest

1992: OSUT organize a manifesto for freedom of expression : the first student festival in Romania – StudentFest . Edition of StudentFest is entitled „8th Point” and three sections : humor , drama and music.


1993: The Street – second edition StudentFest – probing pulse daily through direct confrontation between creator and audience receptor student art out on the street !


1994: NO – third edition StudentFest – propose and cauterize aesthetic pollution – kitsch . Therefore, all the cultural events that took place on stage was a form of protest against kitsch art from destruction .


1995: Aesthetics was the theme of the fourth edition of StudentFest , a combination of words meaning : aesthetics, ethics, and ethics is East. The fourth edition StudentFest boundaries delimiting a collective conscience on the verge of losing identity by submitting a self – contemplation

1996: Two Points Cardinale was the theme that brought together young artists from Romania in 1996. This theme reflected the opening of all social activities , economic and cultural to the West , the new concepts that have entered the Romanian mentality , those in the need of integration into international structures .

1997: Young and restless – sixth edition StudentFest – coming north and south , east and west , Timişoara became , for a week, international student art capital .

1998 : Normal – StudentFest – seventh edition impresses with normality returning to the requirements of the first edition.

1999: 999 – An Introduction to the New World and what has been achieved over the new millennium approached . The theme of this year’s festival gives motivation, drives , open , rich ! Because 999 is the symbol of life and rebirth of a new world .

2000: Wait !? … – A question, answer a call , an imperative … expectations and results …

2001: Born from the desire of movement, freedom and change students StudentFest reached the tenth edition brought to the attention of the creators of beautiful idea of ​​Surface ; according to this idea, the new forms can be imagined , planned , polished in everyone’s mind , but knowing their value and to communicate their message inside and those around us to be removed from the surface, where they can be tested through the senses.

2002: Inside – Edition introspective , a touch elitist event where art and found the intimate space of expression and artistic identity retrieval .

2003: Zeitgeist , the spirit of time or condition comprising viewer to encounter art . Years pass , festive remains .

2004: Dependent visual arts , theater , architecture , film, music and open mic performances over a week ( April 19 to 26 ) is the reason I made ​​another Fest : one that is marked edition number 13 , lucky one , we say , as the impact on the public. motto: You are free to do what we say!

2005 : Identity needs no explanation or reasoning . Identity as a concept, just needs a placement where they can be studied from all angles. Studentfest provides the perfect theme for this , using art as a means of expression, a perfect language that has a generally recognized identity .

2006: In 2006 , we discussed the new wave , the new trend of contemporary society and adaptability to variable ” time ” and continuous succession of changes that we want , we do not , we are all constantly subjected to a FLUX … that is new.

2007: Synthetic Globalize. Socialize. Sterilize. They invited all those who have something to say everyone can send in an artistic way the question mark ” synthetic thinking ? ”

2008: Breathe … Breathe edition sought to measure the evolution of art over time , to express his continuity and to record how artistic trends have evolved . An artistic movement that goes off when expires , but it is also a hub for the next , it inspires . Thus art is evolving , moving from one form to another .

2009: StudentFest celebrates adulthood ! ” StudentFest MARK ” anniversary edition was brought back into the limelight and participants in past editions of StudentFest on which the festival has made ​​its mark .

2010: Revolution ! – The 2010 edition invites you to do yourself a part of a revolution in art . One issue that causes you to creation, dream , imagination, a development that revolutionizes !

2011: Compromise – StudentFest is calling on young artists to emerge from the world of compromises and create freely , without breaking the rules imposed by others .

2012: INERT – In 2012 , StudentFest urges us to get out of inertia , to open our eyes , to wake up and look at the art around us, to participate in as many art events art student and support young honest to rediscover the immense potential that we have.

2013: PARADOX – 2013 Edition brings forth a world of paradoxes , a world where everything is possible , as is possible , and urges us to plan less but to achieve more , create more, and to conquer the space that surrounds us .

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